Menu Selections
(All services are fee-plus* pricing unless otherwise indicated)

Cooking Demos and Private Cooking Lessons

Looking for a great twist on a party theme? Why not a cooking demo?  You can watch a live demo of anything from easy party appetizers to a three-course meal.  You'll see exactly how your selections are prepared, cooked and presented with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.  Then you and your guests get to enjoy those delicious and freshly prepared dishes for your party.

Have you ever wished you could make some of your favorite restaurant dishes at home? Are you tired of cooking the same meals and want to jazz up your repertoire with new and fun dishes? Or maybe you'd love to just learn some basic cooking techniques?  I can provide private, one-on-one cooking lessons, customized specifically to what you'd like to learn and, more importantly, on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Standard Meal Service Options

A biweekly or monthly service of three, four or five entrees from the Classic Menu, each with an appropriate side dish of a seasonal vegetable or starch (potato, grains). If you don't see your favorite dishes, just ask!

Premium Weekly Service

A weekly service of three to five entrees with appropriate side dishes. Entree selections from the Premier Menu or any special request entrees, including all organic, vegan, etc.

One-Dish Crowd Pleasers

Large trays of favorite family meals from the One-Dish Menu; each generous tray serves 8-10 portions; minimum three entrees per order:

Three Trays: $450
Four Trays: $475
Five Trays: $500

Party Chef Services

Customized menu or choose from the Party and Brunch Menu.


* Fee-Plus Service (fee plus cost of groceries): The $375 service fee covers approximately 6 hours of time, including grocery shopping, travel, prep, cooking, cooling, storing, and clean-up. Additional hours required for large parties are charged a rate of $60 per hour.
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